Sardinia in Miniature park with Aperitif

Explore Sardinia in miniature with a trip from Cagliari to Tuili, where the captivating Parco Sardegna in Miniatura awaits you. Enjoy a complete visit of the park, faithfully reproducing the island's main sites and landscapes, with information available in both Italian and English. After immersing yourself in the culture and beauty of Sardinia on a smaller scale, delight your palate with a typical Sardinian aperitif at 12:30. Then, at 1:15 PM, return to Cagliari with memories of an unforgettable experience among the wonders of Sardinia.

  • Half day with pick up and drop off in Cagliari
  • Ticket to Sardinia in Miniature park
  • Typiacal Sardinian Aperitif with a drink
  • Bus transfer from and to Cagliari port
  • Ticket to Sardinia in miniture park that includes a boat and tourist train ride around the park.
  • Degustation Sardinian apertitif, soft drink for children
Not included
  • Lunch or other drinks
  • Tips and anything else not mentioned in Included.
Duration4 Hours 30 Minutes
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Comfortable walking shoes.

CategoriesFun Group Activities, Leisure Activities
LanguagesEnglish, Italian
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Cancellations 100% refund available until 24 hours before tour start time.
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Opposite the old Maritime Station
Cagliari port
Cagliari Port, 09123 Cagliari CA, Italia
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Welcome to Sardinia DMC
09123 - Cagliari

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Departure at 9:30 from the maritime port of Cagliari.

The original Miniature Park includes the large Dinosaur and Ice Age Park, the Nature Park and the large aquariums, the Astronomical Park with the Astronomy Museum and the Planetarium, last but not least the Nuragic Park with the reproduction of a real inhabited Nuragic village.

You will be able to cover the whole of Sardinia in the short space of a walk, continue retracing the history of man until you reach the imposing nuraghi reconstructed in life-size..., travel back in time when dinosaurs were the undisputed masters of the world, or immerse yourself in the mysteries of the deep sky traveling in space with the unique experience of the Planetarium...Insert... all this in a unique environmental setting enriched by the typical scents of the Mediterranean scrub...Add... among the many services offered the tasting at the Park's restaurant.

Sardegna in Miniatura - The construction with scientific rigor, the preciousness of the materials, the manual workmanship of the details and the skilful use of colors make the proposed sites true works of art. The fully accessible route is also equipped with multilingual audio guide information tags to make the places represented more accessible, also from an educational perspective.

The Dinosaur Park was the first in Sardinia to propose a route populated by reproductions which, thanks to sophisticated animatronic techniques, are able to move, breathe, observe, roar... in short, live! Therefore, the opportunity to retrace the scenarios of 250 million years ago to discover these incredible prehistoric giants, the most mysterious and fascinating animals in the history of evolution reproduced on a natural scale and with scientific rigor thanks to the advice of illustrious paleontologists. In a setting full of suggestions we will be able to admire up close the mighty mass of the Apatosaurus with its 18 meters in length and gradually throughout an evolutionary arc of 250 million years, the species that have captured our curiosity up to the powerful and ferocious Tyrannosaurus-rex also reproduced with animatronic techniques in life-size, larger than a bus with its 14 meters in length and 7 tons of weight which transformed it into the most fearsome hunter of the Jurassic period.

Tropical Forest and Aquarium -  The route, after a brief introduction to the theme, will immediately get to the heart of the biosphere section with its lush tropical forest and then continue with the large aquariums where we could literally immerse ourselves in a rainforest river through an underwater tunnel, unique in Sardinia , a privileged position for observing the behavior of the fauna that populate these waterways..., A large indoor area in contact with nature where fish, chameleons, iguanas, turtles, brightly colored frogs, giant insects with unexpected shapes, they will frame a path that will help awaken our ecological conscience and the awareness of how important it is to defend and protect the Earth's ecosystem.

The Planetary A dome almost 11 meters in diameter and a sophisticated digital projection system for the most important and technological Planetarium in Sardinia and among the most important in Italy together with Milan, Rome and Turin. Thanks to the technology available, combined with live commentary, you will embark on a journey among the stars to discover our solar system in a spectacular setting full of surprises. The scientific path created specifically for our Planetarium with the collaboration of professional astronomers from the Astronomical Observatory of Cagliari, a body of the National Institute of Astrophysics, allows the rigorous reproduction of stellar and planetary motions also in an educational and popular way, including the sensational sequence of deep sky images observed by the orbiting Hubble Space Telescope.

At the Nuragic pavilion, the ancient habits and customs of the Nuragic populations inhabiting Sardinia 3000 years ago can be relived. Through the real-size reconstruction of some typical buildings dating back to the Iron Age representing a courtyard house, the large council hall and the megaron temple, one can admire the working of clay, the art of bronze casting but also the political and religious organization of those people. Through audio buttons (guide in Italian and English) some inhabitants of the village will come to life, accompanying you on the visit through the story of the history of the Nuragic civilisation. Finished in 2003 after a long phase of study and construction, the reconstruction of the Nuragic village of Sardinia in miniature today represents the most coherent and complete image of the habits and customs of the people who inhabited the interior of the island in the period of iron.

Aviary - Inside the park you will find a large aviary to visit independently with many species of parrots, from lovebirds to rosellas, from parakeets to cockatiels... in a whirlwind of colors.

After immersing yourself in the culture and beauty of Sardinia on a smaller scale, delight your palate with a typical Sardinian aperitif at 12:30.

Then, at 1:15 PM, return to Cagliari with memories of an unforgettable experience among the wonders of Sardinia

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